Who We Serve

This may be the most important page for you to read:

K. Morgan delivers total satisfaction to its customers and we have the references to support
that statement in: Retail, Healthcare, Corporate, Manufacturing, Hospitality and
Food Service.

Whether its high-rise buildings, sprawling campuses or modest facilities; whether they
make chocolate chips or computer chips or anything else, we meet the customer’s painting
challenge with practical solutions.

The professionals who hire us have many other responsibilities and should not have to invest
time baby sitting the painting contractor.

We realize that we are involved in much more than a paint project. The customer has to
deal with other people in his or her company, other vendors, deadlines, bosses, and more.
Customers have other internal issues that are affected by the work we do. Therefore, our
specialty is simplifying projects. That is what the customer really needs.

K. Morgan provides solutions to many of the most demanding companies in the marketplace.
We work with Facility Managers, Property Managers, Building Owners, Architects, Planners,
and General Contractors.

We survey customers from many business categories and here are the most often mentioned
concerns they shared with us:

• Communications: Return calls, be responsive and flexible.

• Having the painting crew show up for work on time: totally prepared to work, including fully stocked trucks.

• Provide quotations that are complete (no surprise costs after the projects begin), and advise if there is something that was overlooked.

• Provide a full range of services including new technology, methods and products.

• Work efficiently in difficult circumstances: during business hours, weekends and nights with minimum interruption.

• Neatness—leaving no trace other than a top quality finished job.

• Handle small and nuisance jobs not just large projects.

• Properly trained in all related safety areas.

I have built my company to assure that the customer finds it easy to do business with us—
simplify the process.

I would be happy to discuss this in more detail and take you through our actual customer
projects. If nothing else, you’ll see what other companies like yours are doing to solve
painting and related problems.
Just give me a call.

Don DeMaio, President


457 State Street
North Haven, CT

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