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Our mission is extremely focused: We simplify the work life of Facility Managers, Owners and Property Managers.

K. Morgan customers receive the benefits of our seasoned painters, newest technology, methods and a proven dedication to integrity. It takes more than competitive pricing to meet project challenges. It’s the entire customer experience that creates a successful project. One of the key advantages in working with K. Morgan is “relationships.” You can think of it as a project or as an ongoing way to create a win-win for all involved. K. Morgan and our customers have a long history of working together, being flexible and responsive. We serve many of the most demanding companies in the state and that takes much more than swinging a brush, pushing a roller or aiming a spray gun. Every one of our painters is an OSHA trained, experienced professional who knows how to work as a self-starter and one who can handle challenges that are often unforeseen right on the job in real time.

Don DeMaio is the President and founder of K. Morgan Associates has been painting since his youth. From the very beginning he held a passion for the painting trade which makes the greatest visual impact in or out of a facility. He launched his company determined to rejuvenate the sense of pride and importance of the trade. Moreover, he saw the need to provide an overall customer experience not merely painting a facility. Don remains directly involved in all day-to-day operations.

Don also serves as President of the Painting & Decorating Contractors of America and remains involved in all the latest developments in the industry from products to technology to application and methods.

The K. Morgan headquarters also serves as a training facility for many PDCA members as well as OSHA. Courses such as OSHA 10 Hour, Fall Protection, Aerial Lift Training, Respirator Safety, and HazCom training have been conducted. Don’s expertise on metal buildings was consolidated into an article for Today’s Facility Manager, a national publication and posted on their online magazine. K. Morgan has also been featured in Painting Contractor Magazine, a national publication of Sherwin Williams

For over two years we have surveyed Facility Managers across Connecticut through interviews,  on-the-job and by telephone. From the largest corporations to mid-sized companies,  almost to the person, the same pattern of concerns came up.

The 15 foremost factors that Facility Managers want:
1. Having the painting crew show up for work on time.
2. Expecting the contractor to call back—be responsive.
3. Assurance that painting crews are totally prepared to work, including fully stocked trucks.
4. Quotations that are complete (no surprise costs after the projects begin).
5. Provide a full range of services.
6. Expertise to anticipate problems beforehand.
7. Work efficiently in difficult circumstances.
8. Neatness—leaving no trace other than a top quality finished job.
9. Handle small and nuisance jobs not just large projects.
10. Properly trained in all related safety areas.
11. The ability to work during business hours, weekends and nights with minimum interruption.
12. Be flexible and respect the relationship.
13. Knowledge of new products and technology.
14. Solve problems like slippery floors, rust areas and handling sensitive areas.
15. Make it easy to do business—simplify the process.

We listen and act on what Facility Managers want.

K. Morgan delivers total satisfaction to its customers.
And we have the references to support that statement.

You now have 15 valid reasons to give K. Morgan a chance to work with you.

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North Haven, CT

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