Peak Performances

pez visitor center

The challenge faced at a well-known candy company’s visitor center was to create a
rainbow of specified colors on multiple surfaces. For more information click on the image.

An industrial lab’s metal building exterior was peeling extensively. The previous paint
contractor did not prepare the metal surface properly and applied the wrong paint for
the surface. The project required preparing the building exterior surface for adhesion
of the proper coating. After power sanding, an acrylic primer/finish system was applied
to insure proper adhesion and durability. In its sixth year the building looks as good
as the day it was painted. For more information click on the image above.


An exclusive retail chain required painting while remaining in operation. Careful orchestration and planning of work crews was required to paint and wall cover throughout. The challenge was to minimize interruption and ultimately take extra care when working over items like fur coats costing some $90,000. Proper shielding and selection of the right products and materials were also paramount in the project. For more information click on the image.


The project for the Knights of Columbus Museum involved painting the pedestal for Michelangelo’s scale model of St. Peter’s dome in Rome. The pedestal had to be painted within centimeters of the priceless artifact. For more information click on the image.

457 State Street
North Haven, CT

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